INFORMATION.  Provide information the viewer is looking for.  Discover how many people begin their search online.  A Web site is information available when the consumer starts looking.


Answer frequently asked questions.  Your time is usually spent answering the same questions and potential customers want these answers  before they deal with you.  The viewer will know your service or product meets their needs and will contact you.


INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  A Web site provides instant gratification to your potential customer.  People are busy and don’t like to wait.  Make sure they find your Web site for instant information!  Web site capacities are almost limitless, allowing you to provide everything they need to know.


WORK WHILE YOU SLEEP.  Business is worldwide but office hours aren’t.  Unlike an office that may be open from 8-5, your Web site is always open.   Get ahead of the competition before they get to the office.


NO PRINTING ERRORS.   A Web site is a bulletin board that’s never out of date. It's an online brochure that can be changed anytime, saving you money on printing and distribution costs. Get the word out online - no printed piece can match it’s flexibility.


INEXPENSIVE.  Selling your service or product in cyber space is cheaper than a phone listing and has worldwide viewing.  My monthly fee is $25.   You may not need to serve the world but how about you neighborhood?  No matter where you are, if the big company has Web access, you should be there too. 


PROFESSIONAL IMAGE.  For a small business, a well-designed Web site is a great way of instilling confidence and looking bigger than you actually are.  Your primary competitors probably already have a presence on the Internet.  If they do, keep up with them and find ways to make yours better.


CREDIBILITY. A Web site shows the credibility and stability of your company.  Let the world know how much you’ve accomplished and you’re willing to stand behind it.  Here today, to stay! 


SPECIALIZED MARKET. With 27 million and growing users of the WWW, even the most narrowly defined interest group will be represented in large numbers.  Since the Web has several very good search programs, your interest group will be able to find you, or your competitors.


OUTREACH.. Let your customer tell potential customers your Web site address. Other companies looking for potential partners will definitely be looking beyond a local business registry, they will search for you online.  Your phone number will never be lost - one search of the Web will let their fingers do the walking again.

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